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Talking about the history of Pad Thai Noodle at Talay Thai Restaurant in Lynnwood, which has been open since 1989 or 30 years ago. At that time Asian ingredients are hard to find, so we choose to use ketchup and season to make it taste as original as possible.

Some of the customers might not feel right that we still use ketchup as a Pad Thai ingredient. But we have been open for 30 years, we can’t change the original recipe since there is a large group of our customer who likes the taste.

If anyone wants to have Pad Thai with tamarind, you might need to find another newer restaurant, where they can find Asian ingredients easier than before.

We are working hard to make every dishes for our customers to try Thai food. Most of our food in the original recipe is flavorful and spicy. In every dishes, we do the seasoning individually. Even for chili paste, we do make it by ourself.

More importantly, we do have special menus for the customer who wants to try original Thai Food which is difficult to find. In each dish, we are not able to change anything both in terms of ingredients or taste. If you want the feel of Thai or has been to Thailand and want to taste the same food, please let our staff know.

Thank You!